A video game about a 2D guy in a 3D world. Escape the cube in this mind-twisting puzzler!


Kevin Ma, Jeremy Cytryn, Natalie Diebold, Will Peck and Renchu Song


We built a puzzle game over the course of a semester for the class Analytics-based Game Design. Our process: we’d release a version of the game every month, collect a ton of data and user feedback, and then iterate. I was responsible for level, experience, and visual design.

Flixel, the library we used for programming, has no 3D capabilities. This meant making the game was every much a design challenge as a technical one. I was largely occupied by the problem of teaching—not only teaching game controls, but also the larger concept of navigating across a cube.


A fun game with a challenging, but carefully calibrated learning curve. The game garnered over 100,000 players across a few flash game websites, and was eventually reviewed by games aggregator Jay is Games.

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a little sketch of a man "sliding" across the faces of a cube alt Screenshot of BOX! alt Screenshot of BOX! alt Screenshot of BOX! alt Screenshot of BOX!


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